Some links of Interest

Ancient Order of Druids in America

The page for the Order the Druid Order that I belong to. They have a beautiful, nature based set up. As an nOrder, they are not a religion and are accepting of all walks of life. If you are into the idea of Nature as a key to understanding the world at large, this group might be of interest to you.  


New Global Shaman

The page of one of my teachers, Adhi Two Owls. She's an incredible artist, wise shaman, and a really interesting person. I am honored to be one of her apprentices.



The new blog of the past Archdruid of the A.O.D.A., John Michael Greer. It's quite the mixed bag of magic and ecological thought. I really respect the author, and have learned quite a lot from his books and blogs.


This FREE magical course is quite the undertaking. I am presently working my way through it, and it is brilliant. It involves bits of what I’ve learned in my shamanic studies, things that I had figured out on my own, and a healthy dose of no nonsense work. It’s helped me immensely in my work, and I’m looking forward to the years of work in the course ahead of me. Yes. Years. It is a lot of work, and so far, it’s been worth it. If you’re looking for a serious magical course, this might be what you’re looking for.