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Reiki 1 Certification

Isaac will be teaching a Reiki I Certification class on Monday August 12th starting at 11 am. Reiki is a healing practice where the healer channels universal energy into the patient through touch. It is said to activate the healing properties within the patient to help with their physical and emotional well-being. This alternative modality was created in 1922 by Mikao Usui.
Isaac has been certified in two different schools of Reiki. He teaches the fusion of these two schools with a touch of his shamanic practice. Participants in this class will learn how to channel Reiki energy, receive a Reiki attunement, learn the history of this healing modality, and will receive Reiki I Certification.
To learn more, or to sign up, email Isaac at
Cost is $150.00

Earlier Event: August 9
Later Event: August 16
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