Most of the modalities that I have studied focus on healing people, community, and the land. Along with the things that I create to bring more magic into the world, I offer time with clients to facilitate emotional healing and reconnection to their selves. A session with me is different for everyone, as each client is looking for something different.

It can include:

- Reiki

- Shamanic Journeying

- Work with the Rattle or Drum

- Herbal advice

- Ceremony to deal with grief, or trauma

- Energetic clearing

- An ear to listen to your problems, and thoughts on possible solutions


To schedule time with me, or to see if my work is what you're looking for, you can click on the Contact tab of the website, email me at , or send a Facebook message to me on the Green Mountain Mage Facebook page. You can also buy a session via the Shop on this website.


I also offer workshops from time to time concerning herb identification, making herbal products, and connecting to the land.