Deep Earth Arts

Deep Earth Arts is a wellness studio located in downtown Littleton, NH. They offer psychic readings, Reiki, herbal consultations, shamanic work, workshops, and more!

Deep Earth Arts

Reviews from Clients

“Josh and Isaac are two incredible people with wonderful gifts, insight and they just make you feel welcome. I enjoyed my Rune reading by Josh and my amulet making class by Isaac. I will be back for more events in the future.” ~ Amanda Aspinall

“I have been fortunate enough to work with both Josh and Isaac and I can say without hesitation that they are gifted and genuine. As someone who has been to many different divination practitioners and has been receiving Reiki regularly for 3 years, They are right up there with the best I have worked with. Thanks guys!!” ~ Catherine Postier

“I've known Josh and Isaac for many years. I've received a rune reading from Josh in the past and I knew then that he had a gift. It was even more evident after my last reading with him. There were several things that Josh brought up that no one else would have known about. I can't just say that Josh and Isaac have gifts because it is so much more than that. They carry a light in them. They are amazing.” ~ Melissa Nelson

“Josh and Isaac are a wonderful, caring and supportive team ready to help you whether you are just looking for good herbal tea, reiki treatment or looking to get messages and guidance through the runes. I have received rune readings and guidance from Josh, who has an amazing skill to divine messages from the runes. I attended Isaac's amulet making class and the depth of his knowledge regarding spirituality, herbs and astrology is considerable. Trust Josh and Isaac with anything you might need.” ~ Maya Manseau

“Josh and Isaac are phenomenal!! They have guided me on my journey and I look forward to continuing to work with them on my spiritual path!!” ~ Callie Smith

“I recently had a session with both Josh & Isaac. Both were awesome. Josh helped me to face a traumatic period in my life. I discussed that with Isaac during my time with him. I cannot explain it how, but I feel lighter. While I still have the memory, it no longer haunts me. They are wonderful and gifted.” ~ Tim Connolly

“As a self employed business owner it’s so important to take time for self care. My sessions with Deep Earth help me to recharge energetically and spiritually. I feel rested, relaxed and renewed and I really appreciate the care and attention I receive. I leave with the tools, tips and so much insight to get through whatever I happen to be struggling with. I highly recommend a session as a part of your own self care!” ~ Melissa Storella Sheehan

“I have had sessions with both Josh and Issac and have come away feeling refreshed and confident in my direction.” ~ Dawn Lambert

“I had a session with both Josh and Isaac. They are awesome! In my reading with Josh, I was given "homework" for my personal journey and the Reiki with Isaac just complimented the reading. I felt really good when I left the session. They are both great people and I look forward to working with them in the future. I would recommend anyone to check out their talents.” ~ Sherry Pierson Sidney

“So I have known Josh and Isaac for quite a few years now. I always thought they were awesome people and it's been so great watching them embrace their gifts and be doing so much to help people with them. I've had a tarot and a rune reading as well as a new modality done with sacred geometric shapes work with Josh and reiki sessions and drum work with Isaac. Every time I feel more grounded, balanced, and have something important to reflect on about myself or current circumstances. My most recent session with Josh was no exception. He did his new modality with me a couple weeks ago and it was really wonderful. I went in feeling on the frenetic, not grounded side and left feeling the complete opposite. Even my very disturbed sleep I had been having changed and I was finally getting better rest. As always, I had some good things to meditate on and we had a good conversation on it all. I definitely recommend seeing either one of them (both is even better)! If you've never experienced any work like this, rest assured they are the real deal. You won't be disappointed!” ~ Rebecca DuBois

Deep Earth Arts
24 Porter Street
Littleton, NH 03561

(802) 793-4447

Store Hours:

Thursday 11 am - 4 pm
Friday 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday 11 am - 4 pm

Readings and Energy Sessions by appointment

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