Adventures in Medical Dowsing

A few months ago I started a medical dowsing class with my teacher, Adhi. It’s fascinating stuff, looking at dowsing rather differently than the traditional dowsing that I was aware of previously. I’m still going through the information and perfecting my practice, but I can share some of the details with you.

The idea of this certain method of dowsing is to figure out how to calibrate the pendulum to specific frequencies for different sorts of work. The frequency that we normally use is one that is supposed to be the same wavelength of healthy chi.

Using the person’s energy field, or something with a link to the person (such as a picture, or even a hair), the dowser uses that specific frequency to test what is operating in a healthy range. You can test body parts or parts of the energetic body (such as the chakras) to see if they are operating in that healthy “sweet spot.” Much like kinesiology, the dowser can also test how certain products, food, or herbs will interact with the patient.

The applications go further than that. The dowser can also use that frequency to see if there are any unhealthy energy spots on the property that might be affecting the client. There are other frequencies to test for any energetic attachments, as well as the client’s connection to their higher selves.

I go into a lot of dowsing work with skepticism. While I recognize that dowsing started because it was an effective way to find water, it seems that there are some branches that have gone deep into crazy country. Once you get into realms that can’t be really confirmed one way or another, that gives room for some eccentricities to really bloom.

I know of dowsers that get very accurate results, though, so I don’t throw it all out. My teacher is one of these dowsers. She’s shown me a few of the tests that she runs on her own to confirm some of her dowsing work. An example is dowsing out plant interaction with the planet’s magnetic field. She had worked out a dowsing protocol in plant positioning. The group that had been positioned via the protocol had about 25% more growth than those that hadn’t. It was the same group of seeds, in the same windowsill, planted in the same planting medium, and watered at the same time. The only difference was the dowsing protocol.

So, when I saw that she was offering the class, I was happy to jump on. Now it comes to personal practice and experimentation. I’ve been able to work out information that I didn’t know previously about the health of willing participants. I’m still getting a feel for it and I still have a lot to learn and experiment with. As I get a little more experience under my belt, along with sufficient practical results, I’ll be looking for test subjects. You know, for those of you who are local and adventurous.

Dowsing itself is supposed to hook into our subconscious selves, enabling us to collect information that we innately know. It’s an interesting field that seems to lack reason for working, yet still works. That’s a part of this work that I love. We have a hard time explaining some of this scientifically, yet it still works. I’m looking forward to diving into this more and seeing what results I find.

And on that note, I’m off to try and figure out a few mysteries of dowsing. Wish me luck.


Until next week


-The Green Mountain Mage